The new $330 million development of Craigieburn Central (VIC) was completed late 2013 with the centre now open to the public.

Principal contractor Lend Lease engaged Expo-Conti Pty Ltd, a leading plaster fit out business, for the Project with stringent landfill diversion targets to achieve.

Utilising Jumbocorp Pty Ltd’s unique Jumbobag recycling solution, ExpoConti Pty Ltd were able to achieve 89% landfill diversion for the Project, enabling Lend Lease to exceed their plaster recycling targets. Throughout the duration of the Project, Jumbocorp, in collaboration with USG Boral, recycled 192.16 tonnes of plaster waste for ExpoConti Pty Ltd, as well as save labour time and money.


‘We used the Jumbobag plaster waste recycling solution during construction of Craigieburn Central (Lend Lease Project) and found the system to be convenient and easy to use. Having multiple new skip bags sitting in our site shed meant we could use them when needed and were never delayed by waiting for skip changeovers. And because we had them folded out on pallets while being filled, we could pallet jack or fork them around site so they were closer to the work meaning less labour time in getting plaster waste long distances to the general skip.

Quick, convenient, easy to deal with and recycling reports provided each month – a big thumbs up.’

Shane Graham – Project Manager (Expoconti Pty Ltd)